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Piedmont, the suggestions of hidden corners, of the villages, the parks, the traditions and the panoramas of the Cozie Alps create a set of wonderful emotions
Our suggestions:
  • Tra Valli and Mura The largest fortress in Europe Forte di Fenestrelle, accessed by crossing a stone bridge overlooking a moat you arrive in Piazza d’Armi where concerts and shows are performed, the Scala covered, the Church where the music takes a sound of other times. The legend says that during the day it was built and destroyed at night by the Devil, stretched out over the middle Val Chisone and on the Fenestrelle basin. You can enjoy an excellent overview of the entire Val Chisone, with a background of truly striking colors. Usseaux Borgo d’Italia, a typical mountain village, the seventeenth-century church, the paved streets with murals, the walls of the houses, representations of crafts, scenes of daily life in the village, soften the severity of the stone. The wood-fired oven and the water mill. Balboutet’s solar sundials.
  • Between hamlets and paths to discover the culture and local traditions tasting typical dishes
  • POUTPOURI ‘of SAPORI in VAL CHISONE Roure the Church of Castel del Bosco Borgo on a human scale with Meridiana that marks the time and communicates messages of wisdom to the passer-by, the Forno of the village where you can smell the Pan Furgna, the old Mill for the milling of cereals. Dinner with tasting of local products. Illustrated thematic route of the mural on the bread making starting from the old mill arriving in the oven an immersion in the flavors and aromas of food and drink produced according to tradition, panurga and apple bread baked in the wood-burning oven of the village. Lunch at the Trattoria where you can taste the cajette. Visit to a mountain pasture with cheese tasting in bergeria. Merenda sinoira with the fragrant waffle of the gofri.
  • POUTPOURI ‘VAL GERMANASCA Walk through the Ramiè vineyards from the homonymous wine. Lunch in a farmhouse with wines of own production. Visit to the Bernard Laboratory of the famous Amaro Barathier. Flight of the Angel on the Ramiè vines
  • SCOPRIMINIERA and VALDESE CULTURE EXTERNAL MUSEUM EXHIBITION where objects and costumes related to the life of miners are exposed. VISIT TO THE MINER aboard the miners’ train. Equipped with a helmet and lamps, you enter the subsoil and after 1 km you reach the talc cultivation sites. Here you walk along a ring gallery suitably set up, discovering the techniques of extraction of talc. It will be fascinating to feel the air of forced ventilation on the skin, the drops of water falling from the rock, the darkness of the tunnel lit by torches, the shiver you feel when you hear the explosion of mines. Walk to discover the culture of the area, the Ramiè vines and the Valdese culture

La Peiro Douço

Frazione Castel del Bosco Roure (TO)




  • Art and culture in the middle of the Nature Museum of the Costume, for every event the right clothes are therefore an expression of important moments of life in the mountains. House of the Escartons. Lunch in a typical restaurant. Val Troncea Regional Natural Park, evocative scenery in terms of fauna, botanical and geological, the valley of flowers, surprise and admire the wild animals that live in the park. Walk through the streets of the town to discover the Stone Fountains, the characteristic houses of the historic village renovated following the alpine architecture. Tinber Art Gallery. Albergian shop of Mountain Herbs, the best known genepy and lavender, the honey that is produced in Pragelato in small quantities but of great quality. Walk in Val Troncea Regional Natural Park, evocative scenery from a faunistic, botanical and geological point of view. An area that alternates sparse forests with shrubs of barberry, juniper, coriander and pine pine, meadows interrupted by the waters of the Chisone stream and the rivers that feed it. In the undergrowth there are stretches of rhododendrons, junipers, blueberries and green alders. Val Troncea is called the valley of flowers, the slopes of its mountains are colored in colors varying from season to season, with different characteristics depending on the altitude and exposure to the sun. You can surprise and admire the wild animals that live in the park: chamois, ibex, marmots, foxes, stoats, badgers, as well as eagles, hawks, peaks, pheasants, owls, owls. The villages of Val Troncea (Seytes – Troncea) built in typical Occitan architecture, suffered during the Second World War in 1944 the bombing and disputes of the Waldenses with the Catholics. The ruins of the foundry where the first processing of the ore extracted from the mines of the Beth took place are visible.
Val Chisone on mountain paths, old military roads, on the road to Hannibal to immerse yourself in nature, on foot (with the Nordic Walking technique) with mountain biking or E-bike, landscapes and people to know. Fenestrelle Fort majestic historical work symbol of the province of Turin, crossing of typical mountain villages including Usseaux, one of the “Most Beautiful Villages of Italy”, Val Troncea Natural Park “the Valley of the Flowers” and Orsiera Rocciavrè
Our philosophy is a basket of movement and life that intertwine to give each of us its moment and its emotions. Therefore our proposals include all the elements that make us feel good

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    Climbing on rock walls with countless routes, with the possibility of approaching this sport also using an artificial outdoor wall. The various climbing sites can be reached on foot along mountain paths, which not only lead to the chosen wall but are connected to each other and allow us to discover over the peaks, the Olympic Valleys. The rocky walls that form the backbone of the Rocca di Murel equipped gym for climbing enthusiasts. Here the scenery is suggestive seems to pass inside a canyon, continuing through wooden bridges that allow you to admire the small waterfalls and the roar of the water of the Rio di Bourcet, all around tall plants, whose leaves give coolness to the passerby. Along the way you can smell the smells of resinous essences, the scents of the laburnum and observe the structures of the houses that you meet. Continuing the walk, the trail becomes narrower and steeper, begin the thirty-two bends that lead to the Borgata di Chasteiran, here in the building of the former Parish House there is a farm. The House that housed the schools, in July when there is the Feast we dance the courente accompanied by the sound of an accordion, to recall for a day ancient flavors of a past time
    • The Via Ferrata and the countless routes suitable for all levels of the Vallone di Bourcet, the best guide ROCCIA D’AUTORE by Fiorenzo Michelin